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Faculty members have been designated at every NUST institution/school to support you with International opportunities. You may find the list here.



Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities:-

Master Scholarship Opportunities:-

PhD Scholarship Opportunities:-

Scholarship Opportunities for All Degree Programs:-​

Summer Camp / Programme:-

Opportunity Australia: 2022 Australia Awards Deakin Primer


Info regarding Canadian new student direct stream for Pakistani students for details (click here) is a free International Scholarship Resource. The resource provides scholarship information in any fields of study, any degree including undergraduate (Bachelor), postgraduate (Master and Doctoral), post-doctoral, research scholarship, sport scholarship, art scholarship, scholarship for women and any other miscellaneous scholarships. Follow the link to explore all opportunities


Opportunities Corners:-

A broad platform to search different opportunities of Exchange, ​Scholarships, Internships and Events etc. Follow the link to explore all opportunities (


For additional scholarship opportunities please follow this link:-