Events Scholarship Webinars Series 1 by Champions

Scholarship Webinars Series 1 by Champions


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CSC scholarship webinar:

A Webinar on Chinese scholarships was hosted by Dr Zeeshan Ali (Chinese scholarship Champion) in collaboration with NUST International Office on 7th December 2020. It started at 10:00 AM via MS Teams group (named as Chinese Scholarships (guidance)). Attendees were introduced with various Chinese scholarships for example: CSC, CGS, MOFCOM, CAS-TWAS, ANSO etc. Later various aspects were discussed to acquire these scholarships e.g. application method and steps, university selection, special points about email writing to Professors, getting acceptance letter etc.

Around 30 participants joined the Webinar which lasted for two hours. At the end, numerous queries of the participants were addressed.

FulBright Scholarship:

Fulbright Scholarships Application & Selection Procedure guidance webinar was successfully conducted under supervision of NUST International Office by Dr. Yousuf Jamal (Fulbright Champion) in D/L mode on 8th December 2020, between 4-5 pm. More than 50 students from different schools of NUST joined the event virtually. Both UG and PG students showed keen interest with specific questions how they can be the finalists for the scholarship program. All questions were answered to the students until they were satisfied.

Australian/New Zealand Scholarships:

A webinar was organized by NUST International Office in collaboration with Dr Muhammad Moazzam from 3-4pm on 9th December 2020. The webinar focused on different types of scholarship opportunities available for international students in Australia and New Zealand. The participants were advised on how to put their efforts in the right direction as early as possible. Guidance was provided on selecting an appropriate country and city for higher studies based on cost of living and few other criteria. The participants were provided a complete list of universities in Australia/ New Zealand region along with their latest QS world ranking. The students were guided on how to select an appropriate university where academic programs of their subject field are being offered. Finally, a detailed discussion followed by Q&A session comprehensively underscored how to select an appropriate academic supervisor who has rich profile and funding resources. The response was overwhelming, and a total of 55 students actively participated in the discussion during the session as well as in the Q&A session.

German Scholarships:

A webinar “Scholarship opportunities for higher studies in Germany” was hosted on Thursday 10th December, 2020 by Dr Fazal Adnan. The session lasted for two hours. 40 participants attended the webinar out of which most of them were MS/ PhD students at NUST. Some BS final year students from engineering schools like SEECS, SCEE and SMME also attended the webinar but they were mostly interested in self-sponsored MS programs of different German Universities. All questions were answered to the students until they were satisfied.

UK Scholarships:

A webinar on UK Scholarship was held on 11th December, 2020 by Ms Kiran Javaid (UK Scholarship Champion). 20 students joined the webinar which lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes. The agenda of webinar was “scholarship hunting in UK”, in which students learned about course selection, university selection, creating the profile, Statement of purpose, writing development impact statement for commonwealth scholarships, email etiquettes, and how to contact Ph.D. professors.

Three foreign qualified speakers joined for the session. Their details are as follows:

Ms. Aaamna Qamar- Principal software engineer at Netsol technologies and was a Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Manchester.

Mr. Muneeb Malik- Currently working with a US-based organization and was a commonwealth scholar at Imperial College London.

Ms. Arooj Humayun- A commonwealth shared scholar from Queen Mary University, London.

For upcoming webinar on 28th December 2020, Ms. Khadija Amir is going to be the guest speaker for the nest webinar. She is a graduate of the University of Exeter. Currently, she is residing in Canada and working for sustainable environmental solutions. She is also President of Pakistan Alumni Association of commonwealth scholars. The date of the next session will be 28th December, 2020.

Another guest speaker for that session will be Ms. Amal Sarfraz, a graduate of the University of Bristol and currently a lecturer at IESE, NUST.


December 7,2020 - 11, 2020
Online MS Teams
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